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How to select a R-T-O home and how much money would be required?

Firstly, you need to qualify our criteria to be eligible for ‘Rent to Own’ program. After that you’ll be introduced to a real estate agent of your area for shopping a new home. Home budget would be set after considering some elements including monthly lease payment, down-payment and the final purchase price. We will make sure you choose the right home at the right price.

Shopping MLS listings is a great idea but I want to buy the home I have an eye on, do you have any solution for this?

Yes, we do have the right solution. As mentioned above, we can surely try to buy the home that you are impressed with and having an eye on.

I have a bad credit score and am a defaulter before bank’s eye – Am I Eligible for Rent-to-Own?

You’ll be glad to hear that most of our clients have bad credit scores. You still have the opportunity to get your dream home provided you have strong and steady income that is capable of solving your credit issues during the lease period.

Is prior down-payment essential as I don’t have any money?

Yes, we do require some down-payment for every property. This is crucial to ensure that your eventual purchase is successful. It is advisable to seek assistance from family members or investors for down-payment.

How to be a good Rent-to-Own candidate?

Low or No Credit – Rent-to-Own is effective alternative for those who have credit issues or had a bankruptcy in the past. But you need to plan out a strategy that could track down your bad credit scores. We have designed programs for solving such issues.


6985 Davand Drive, Unit 17
Mississauga, ON – L5T 1Y7

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‘Renting to Own’ is the leading provider of affordable rent to own homes in Toronto, Brampton and Mississauga. Browse through our homes and get ready for proud home ownership today.

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6985 Davand Drive, Unit 17
Mississauga, ON - L5T 1Y7

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